Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

photo: standardprocess(dot)com

photo: standardprocess(dot)com

There are chemicals in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. Our body has a magnificent system designed to help us rid itself of toxins. The liver, lungs, kidneys, intestines and skin help us eliminate toxins from the body. However, if we don’t help them by eating like we should, exercising and avoiding chemicals in our environment (e.g., household cleaning products, beauty products), these systems get overburdened and we get sick and tired. This is a sign that we need to give the body what it needs to help it cleanse. Many people feel that cleanses and detox programs are not useful because we already have this system in place. We hear the word “detox” and automatically think of an intense period of cleansing. I like to think of this term more loosely.  Eating a healthy, whole foods based diet and getting in some exercise are great ways to help your body detox, but what if we still need something more? We make our liver work hard enough to clear out the toxins...what if we could do something to help our body function better and promote the elimination of the toxins? 

My husband and I traveled to see his family in Mexico City for Christmas 2014. We ate a lot of good food! The holiday goodies sneaked in here and there and our bodies were desperately in need of a reboot when we returned home. We already eat “real food” but were looking for something more. I had wanted to do the 21-Day Purification Program for a couple years, but this time I was really serious about starting it. I got our plan together and away we went. Within two days of being on the program, my energy greatly improved, skin was clearer, and my sugar cravings subsided. Overall, I just felt better! What I love about this program is:

  • It is NOT a restrictive, intense detox. Many cleanses can be intense and push along the detox process too fast so that you do not feel well. The program does not involve fasting or juicing only. You actually eat a lot of food and don’t go hungry.

  • It is easy to maintain the healthy habits after the 21 days. This actually is a program you can incorporate into your lifestyle. The Purification recipes are awesome. I still make the lentil hummus recipe weekly. It is delicious! My husband loved the shakes, and we have continued with several of them.

So here we are after Easter and this is another perfect time of the year for a reboot. It is time to get the Easter candy out of the house and start your journey to feeling better. You will not be alone! Come join a group of us (me included!) for our introductory meeting at Michael Family Chiropractic in Smyrna, GA on April 20th from 6pm-7pm. We will cover the in’s and out’s of the Purification Program and if this program could benefit you. Call Michael Family Chiropractic to reserve your spot: 678-424-8501, click below or sign up here now. Space is limited.

Looking forward to helping you get well and stay well!

Caitlin with True Food and Wellness