"What Should I Eat?" Seminar

We had a great time last Thursday discussing several nutrition tips to eating well. Thank you to those who attended, and for those of you who could not be there, here are a couple of the take homes:

  • Eat real food! Not all calories are created equal. 
  • Be aware of your added sugar intake. 
  • Look first at the ingredient list on a food label. See what is really in there! Does it offer any nutritional value?
  • Consider food sensitivities. This is something I work with my patients on because food sensitivities can be a contributing factor to a health/weight issue.
  • I shared a shopping list example for grocery stores in the area.
  • Finally, start somewhere! It has taken me years to get to the point I am with my nutrition, and I am still making improvements! It is never too late to start making some changes.

Our next seminar will be on "Surviving Holiday Eating." Stay tuned for the date and time, which will be announced soon!