Starting 2017 off with some serious meal prep!

I have always admired those who prep all their meals for the week on Sunday. My normal routine is to pick out the meals I plan on making for the week, make my grocery list, and pick up the ingredients I need to be sure I have them on hand. Then, usually I am racing to get the meal prepared on the evening during the week.

I decided to try something new for 2017. I planned my 4 dinner meals for the week, as I normally do, but decided to get everything chopped for these recipes on Sunday so everything is ready to be cooked. You do lose some nutritional value when you chop vegetables this far in advance, but sometimes you have to do what is convenient. Here is the step-by-step process I followed:

  • Purchased 4 storage bins from the Dollar Tree, as well as some gallon and sandwich size plastic storage bags
  • Printed out my 4 recipes
  • Starting with recipe 1, I went through and chopped the exact amount of vegetables I needed. I packaged them up in the plastic bags and placed them in the bin with the printed recipe. I had some small plastic containers on hand to put the oils in. Yes, I even measured out the amount of coconut or olive oil I needed. I also put the herbs and spices in small plastic bags.

Cooking dinner tonight was so quick. My brother said, "Whoa how did you make that chili so fast?!" 

This meal prep may just be what you need to help save you time during your weeks. We are all feeling pressed for time and this is a great way to let you enjoy your evening without spending all night in the kitchen while still having a healthy meal.

The meals I planned this week were:

  • Paleo Egg Roll in a Bowl (
  • Paleo Shrimp Fried "Rice" (
  • Buckwheat Burgers (this recipe will be in my upcoming book on an anti-inflammatory diet for those with rheumatoid arthritis; it's due to come out in April so stay tuned!)
  • Chili (you can find any chili recipe you like)

Happy meal prepping!